How to Raise Youth Confidence and Motivation

We all want youth to feel confident and motivated. Youth want it even more!

Monique’s experiences in the 90’s as a motivational strategist to youth, have given her insights into surprisingly simple ways to raise their confidence and motivation.

Monique Howat - How to Raise Confident and Motivated Kids

The premise of her message keeps the focus on what is right about a child instead of what is wrong.  This straightforward premise is especially powerful in today’s society where all forms of media continually bombard our kids with messages that seem to say, “Unless you are number one, you don’t count.”

This keynote presentation is a combination of powerful strategies, humour and anecdotes that together, give audiences an inspirational and valuable experience.

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Family Habits of Happiness

When the kids are happy, parents are happy.

Families that learn happiness habits together gain positive benefits like a tough resilience to daily stressors, optimism that spreads and contagious laughter that are just a few of the plusses , along with the truly exceptional and unique legacy of living in happiness.

Family Habits of Happiness

This keynote delivers a feast of fresh, fun tools and strategies to move the whole family toward more happiness. 

"And will you succeed?
You will indeed!
98% and ¾  guaranteed!"

Dr. Suess

Family Habits of Happiness is also available in a highly interactive workshop!

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“Your keynote was exactly what we expected for the Friday morning: lively, upbeat, and a feel- good keynote!  I personally had people tell me they enjoyed it and I heard good things about your workshop as well.  We support your work!” Rhonda Barraclough-Executive Director-Alberta Assoc. Services Children and Families
Peel District Literacy Conference – 1300 delegates
Monique – just a pleasure to listen to with great advice
I liked the ideas presented by Monique Howat.
Very impressed with Monique.  Please have her back next year.
The keynote presentation was brilliant!
Keynote presentation was the most useful information to me.
Bringing Monique to speak was the best part of the conference – very informative and practical.
The motivational speech by Monique was the best part.
Keynote speaker was best– enjoyed realistic examples/personal examples used, easy to relate.
New Brunswick 75th Federation of Schools Annual Conference
Love, love, loved this one! Monique is amazing!”
“Humorous, interesting, used real people’s situations to make points.”
 “Loved it. Monique is a great speaker – love her humor.”
“Fantastic presenter, very interactive, would have her again several times.”
“Loved it! Funny and informative.”