Habits of Happiness

We are an overwhelmed society who crave and need happiness more now than ever before. The best thing we can do for ourselves is to be happy and then watch as it positively impacts your family and workplace! This humour-laced keynote helps everyone see that practicing a few Habits of Happiness is a key path to overall well-being.  Your winning lottery and perhaps even the legacy you leave, is in living a life of Happiness. It is within our reach. 

Habits of Happiness Buddah

The Power of Inspiration and Influence

You have an ability that is highly persuasive. It is powerful enough to spark ambition, motivation and drive in those around you. Likely, it has already been used on you:  perhaps by a teacher, partner or  parent when you were a child.

Inspiration and Influence may appear in camouflage through words, actions, ideas or believing in someone before they prove or believe in themselves.  It commonly enters our lives when we least expect it and injects the fortunate individual with a fresh, fierce attitude that says, “I will make it happen!”

This humorous, yet thought- provoking keynote, defines inspiration and influence in a way that most people have never reflected upon. Audiences will discover the potent effect of a gift that lies within all of us, known as Inspiration and Influence. Prepare to be engaged!


“Thank you again for the fantastic keynote and workshop presentations. Everyone I talked with spoke highly of you and your presentations. It wasn't just the keynote or the workshops, people were telling me what a wonderful person you were, and how much they enjoyed conversations with you during the break times as well.” 
Jeff Reid- Chair CYC Nova Scotia National Conference


"Your keynote was fun, funny, thought provoking and inspiring! My family will never know what's gotten into me!" Cathy Kirsch-AASCF Conference Coordinator
“Monique is extremely popular and as a result we invited her back this year. Her inviting and passionate nature incited many personal realizations. She is a very talented motivational speaker!” Angela Smith - Speakers Coordinator - Queens University, Kingston
“From the heart, "FANTASTIC" there no other words for it.... I have never seen a person able to move and motivate people so smoothly and effortlessly in my entire life as you have managed to do.” Jim Sackston - Rotary Canada
 “Everyone loved that we had a POSITIVE speaker this year. You deserve every penny and so much more. Your speech was incredibly motivating and inspiring.”  Donna Marshall-Coordinator-Corrections East-Ontario  
“Again thanks for the greatest session that I will never forget my whole life." 
Raghda Shaheen – Beng, PMP, Six Sigma Business Performance Manager-United Arab Emirate
“I commend you in your efforts to promote confident women in today’s complex society.” Dianne Cunningham MP - Former Minister Responsible for Women’s Issues
MacEwan University- Edmonton

Everything! She brought the messages to life. I was engaged and inspired throughout the whole presentation.

OMG, where do I begin?  I could have sat there all day. It was truly so amazing. I learned so much.

 I can't wait to attend next year.

Monique really helped to set the tone for the courses provided.  Really enjoyed the speaker...well done

She was great, I liked everything about it.

The examples she used to clarify her points were excellent!