Monique Howat. Shining Light on your event!

Expert in staff motivation and leadership since 1998

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  • National Keynote Speaker

  • Best Selling Author

  • The Globe and Mail called Monique “…a motivational expert in Toronto."

  • All presentations are highly interactive, entertaining and strategy-based!

  • Presentations are tailored to clients.



Monique Howat is a Toronto-based speaker with 19 years of professional speaker experience. She is an entertaining speaker who combines the perfect blend of strategies, activity, information and humour. She is a popular speaker with both genders and diverse audiences from associations, professions and industry.

You will delight in knowing that Monique is easy to work with leading up to and on the day of the event, as she always considers herself part of the conference team in "making it happen".

If you are searching for engaging and unique perspectives, you can trust Monique will help make your event an informative and fun experience that tends to live on with audiences.

Monique has trained with some of the world’s most well-known motivators and leadership trainers: John Maxwell, Robin Sharma and Tony Robbins to name a few and her expertise as a motivational speaker has been recognized by four politicians both locally and federally.

Monique Howat is the bestselling author of How to Raise Confident and Motivated Kids.